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The Greater Richmond Bar Foundation provides direct legal support to nonprofit organizations, supports local legal aid organizations and works to increase the efficiency and impact of pro bono service delivery.  With a relatively small budget, we maximize our ability to improve public access to the justice system through volunteer efforts, our community partners, and highly-motivated staff.  We pride ourselves on efficient use of resources, minimizing overhead, and leveraging in-kind services.  However, we do need YOUR support to keep the Pro Bono Clearinghouse open to nonprofits needing legal assistance, to keep initiatives like our Pro Bono Promise and JusticeServer moving forward, and to address the growing unmet legal needs of our community.  Together, we can continue to achieve our mission of increased access to justice. The GRBF is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and all contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law. A financial statement is available upon written request from the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs

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Making a gift to the Foundation is meaningful way to honor esteemed colleagues for their contributions to the legal profession. When making a tribute or memorial gift in honor of a retiring legal professional or in memory of a departed colleague, please include the honoree’s name and address to ensure proper notification.

Donations by check are payable to:

Greater Richmond Bar Foundation
P. O. Box 3954
Richmond, VA  23235

Thanks to our Generous 2012 Donors

The Foundation is very grateful for the support of the following individuals for their generous contributions. We are pleased to have 100% participation by both our staff and board of directors. Every effort has been made to ensure our donor lists are complete and accurate. If your name or gift is listed incorrectly, please accept our sincere apology. We would appreciate your providing us with any corrections to


Lewis F. Powell, Jr. Council ($1000-$4999)
Brian R. Marron
Scott C. Oostdyk
Thomas M. Wolf
Goodman, Allen & Filetti, PLLC
Hirschler Fleischer, P.C.
Hunton & Williams, LLP
LeClair Ryan, P.C.
McGuire Woods, LLP
Sands Anderson, P.C.
Spotts Fain, P.C.
Thompson McMullan, P.C.
Troutman Sanders, LLP

Spottswood W. Robinson III Council ($500-$999)
Tyler P. Brown
John C. McDougal
Donald King
Anne D. McDougall
Christopher M. Malone
Kenneth B. Montero
Alexander H. Slaughter
Meade A. Spotts
Dominion Foundation
Harman, Claytor, Corrigan & Wellman, P.C.

Robert R. Merhige Council ($250-$499)
Charles E. Ayers, Jr.
Lewis Booker
L. Lee Byrd
Tara L. Casey
James K. Cluverius
Richard Cullen
J. English
M. Elizabeth Griffin
Karen A. Gould
George H. Hettrick
D. Michael Jones
Courtney M. Malveaux
George W. Marget, III
Meredith B. Miles
G. Andrew Nea, Jr.
JoAnne Nolte
John M. Oakey, Jr.
John B. Thompson
Altria Client Services
Lynn L. & Neil S. Kessler Family Donor Advised Fund of Richmond Jewish Foundation
Midkiff, Muncie & Ross, P.C.

Partner ($100-$249)
Benjamin C. Ackerly
Peter J. Barrett
David B. Beach
J. Edward Betts
Richard W.E. Bland
Carol A.N. Breit
Sean P. Byrne
Hon. Harry L. Carrico
Clement D. and Georgia B. Carter
David M. Carter
Gerald W.S. Carter
Miles Cary, Jr.
Richard B. Catlett, Jr.
John M. Claytor
Carl C. Coe, Jr.
Nancy D. Cook
Donald L. Creach
James C. Cremins
Craig B. Davis
G. Warthen Downs
C. Thomas Ebel
Hugh M. Fain, III
Robert L. Freed
Richard D. Gary
Frances F. Goldman
Leslie A.T. Haley
Reno S. Harp, III
George Jane D. Hickey
Hon. Kevin R. Huennekens
Vernon E. Inge, Jr.
Paul I. Izzo
Edward F. Johnson, Jr.
Thomas O. Jones
Robert R. Kaplan
Gary D. LeClair
John W. Luxton
R. Shawn Majette
Julie McConnell
C. S. McMullan
Charles G. Meyer
Brian K. Miller
Dewey B. Morris
Stephen A. Northup
J. Thomas OBrien
Hon. Buford M. Parsons, Jr.
Malcolm E. Ritsch
Robert M. Rolfe
O. Randolph Rollins
Daniel L. Rosenthal
Douglas P. Rucker, Jr.
Edward E. Scher
Charles K. Seyfarth
Michael W. Smith
Louis D. Snesil
Hon. Joseph F. Spinella
Lewis T. Stoneburner
Sharon C. Stuart
The Honorable Douglas O. Tice
Hon. George F. Tidey
Robert A. Warwick
Anne Marie Whittemore
Charles F. Witthoefft
Friends of Trip Chalkley
Law Office of Wood & Wood, P.C.
Richmond Bar Association
Troutman Sanders LLP

Barrister (under $100)
Alice A. Berkebile
Alexandra S. Fannon
Britt E. Anderson
Carol K.  Deitrick
Charles L. Rogers
Danna Flaherty
David F. Belkowitz
David E. Constine
David D. Redmond
Hon. Dennis W. Dohnal
Diane Conley
E. K. Geisler, Jr.
Edward L. Davis
Edward B. Kidd
Fielding L. Williams
Harry M. Johnson, III
James K. Donaldson
Jayne A. Pemberton
John G. Douglass
John G. Mizell, Jr.
Joseph P. Rapisarda, Jr.
Lori E. Jarvis
Margaret F. Hardy
Mary-Ellen A. Kendall
Matthew J. Murcko
Melissa R. Tannery
Overton P. Pollard
Paige Fitzgerald
Robert A. Cox, Jr.
Hon. Robert A. Pustilnik
Roger G. Bowers
Shawn Fannon
Stephen E. Dickinson
Steven Haas
Thomas A. Edmonds
Virginia H. Grigg
W. Birch Douglass, III
William D. PrinceWilliam F. Schutt
Wilson R. Trice
Zachary D. Cohen
Giving Change


Attorney General’s Youth Awards
H. Louis Salomonsky
Anthony Troy
Troutman Sanders, LLP

Metro Richmond Women’s Bar Domestic Relations Pamphlet
Altria Companies Employee Community Fund

Judge Johnson Retirement Portrait
Susan Armstrong
James Benton
William Broaddus
John Cogbill
Donald King
John Oakey
Gilbert E. Schill
Alexander Slaughter
Robert Tyler
Tracy Walker
Anne Whittemore
Archer Yeatts
McGuire Woods, LLP
Richard C. Manson, Jr. P.C.

Hunton & Williams
LeClair Ryan
McGuire Woods
Murphy & McGonigle, P.C.
Spotts Fain
Thompson McMullan, P.C.
Troutman Sanders
Williams Mullen

In Kind Donations
Bill Burnet
Ellen Byrd
Michele Dean
Carol K. Deitrick
Rebecca Edwards
Alexandra S. Fannon
Jeb Hockman
Andy Schwarz
Harry Warner
Capital One
Carter Printing
Central Virginia Legal Aid Society
Legal Aid Justice Center
Marcial Waskam
McGuire Woods
Richmond Bar Association Foundation
Troutman Sanders
University of Richmond Downtown
Williams Mullen