Eviction Diversion Program : NEW in City of Richmond

To address a critical piece of the Eviction Crisis in Richmond, we are launching a NEW pro bono program for volunteers to serve as Third Party Neutrals in eligible unlawful detainer (eviction) cases filed in City of Richmond General District Court. Volunteers will facilitate a payment plan for eligible tenants and willing landlords to keep people in their homes, to connect tenants to financial assistance and financial literacy education, as well as to avoid an Unlawful Detainer judgment. Landlords get back rent paid, tenants stay in their residences and learn how to stay afloat in the future. Win-Win.

To find out more about the NEED for this service in the City of Richmond and this first of its kind (in Virginia) EDP program : Please watch this short VIDEO

To find out more about this program, and the why & how to volunteer, Please register for the Training on August 27th (2:30 pm – 5:30 pm) on JUSTICESERVER through this link. For help on using JusticeServer to register for volunteer opportunities & trainings, see this link.

If you cannot make the training on August 27th, or want more information on the program, then please contact Ali Fannon at afannon@grbf.org. Thanks for your interest in helping our community!