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Since 2001, the Greater Richmond Bar Foundation has run the Pro Bono Clearinghouse program, recruiting lawyers from around the community to serve as our virtual law firm (currently 313 attorneys from 75 different firms/law departments). Thanks to the Clearinghouse, our volunteers have served almost 500 different nonprofit organizations in the greater Richmond area, providing over $2 million in legal services to the nonprofit sector – for free – allowing them to have more dollars to spend on their mission.

If you are a non-profit (501c3) organization in need of need of transactional legal advice, please complete the form below. The Clearinghouse staff will match your nonprofit organization to a volunteer lawyer who can provide free help as soon as possible. Usually within 48 hours. If you have questions about the process, please contact our Director of Administration, Alison Roussy at (804) 780-2600 or by email aroussy@grbf.org.

Non-Profit Articles of Interest

Use the 990 Smartly, by Phyllis Katz & Jesse Bausch, Sands Anderson PC

Basic Checklist for Starting a Non-Profit, Southside Community Partners

Short Guide for Non-Profit Start Up, Anne C. Hodges, et al, 2006

Non-Profit Organization Request for Legal Assistance

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