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Good Advice for Those Doing Good.  The Pro Bono Clearinghouse (& General Counsel program) is a referral service, linking experienced volunteer attorneys with nonprofits in need of legal counsel. Our virtual law firm of 350 attorneys from 75 different law firms & corporate legal departments assist nonprofits each year with a variety of transactional legal matters, like personnel issues, contract negotiations, bylaw review, mergers, & intellectual property issues, so our nonprofits can focus more of their resources on their charitable purpose.

If you are an ESTABLISHED NONPROFIT 501(c)(3) organization in need of transactional legal advice, please complete the form below.  The Clearinghouse staff will match your nonprofit organization to a volunteer attorney who can provide free help as soon as possible.  Please note, assistance is not guaranteed.  If you have questions about the process, please contact Ami Kim, Executive Director, at akim@grbf.org OR Shane Harper, Director of Administration at admin@grbf.org.

If you are an INDIVIDUAL WITH LIMITED MEANS, please click here.

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