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Ali Fannon, Executive Director

On April 20, 2016, the Supreme Court of Virginia held its fourth Pro Bono Summit since 2010.  As always, the room was filled with pro bono leaders from legal aid, law firms, corporations and other legal service providers like the Greater Richmond Bar Foundation.  We all listened to the success stories around the state with inventive pro bono programs and connections, like JusticeServer.  Yet, despite all these efforts and some great strides in the right direction, the Justice Gap is still as wide as it has ever been.

Really it is simple math.  The needs are growing exponentially, while the legal aid resources are dwindling, and the numbers in the private bar have just not stepped up to the plate in full force.  But we have the power to change this dynamic. As lawyers, we have the skills to help these low income individuals in need of legal guidance.  We just need to put these skills to work in an efficient way. Greater Richmond Bar Foundation is determined to mobilize the central Virginia lawyers to serve these people in need.
We have created four task forces to streamline services in critical need areas.  We will partner with legal aid to launch JusticeServer 2.0 statewide within a year.  We will focus our energies on improving the triage system for legal aid referrals and pro bono placements.  So please come join us in this effort.  Join a task force, register in JusticeServer, and contact us about getting your firm or law department involved in the Pro Bono Promise.
Together, we can do this.

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