Volunteer Opportunity During Lunchtime

Volunteers LogoAttention all attorneys with litigation experience:  The Huguenot High School Youth Court has started its fifth year of a school-based forum to hold student respondents accountable for their actions.  The Youth Court session involves a docket of students (10th graders) who have admitted “guilt” to minor offenses at school.  The Peer Jury is comprised of students interested in social justice, and past respondents who have agreed to serve on Youth Court as part of the disposition.  The Peer Jury reviews the case file, questions the student and any witnesses, and then they deliberate to determine the appropriate sanction.  Volunteers are needed to serve in the role of “Administrative Officer” which follows a script for proceedings.  The teacher administrator, Mr. David Bingen, is looking for volunteers who will help the Youth Court students learn how to think critically, to ask questions and help guide them in deliberations.  The Youth Court will be weekly from now until the end of the school year during 7th period (12:05 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.).  You can volunteer just once or multiple times.  If you are interested, please contact Ali Fannon at 240-7822.

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