Pro Bono Clearinghouse Task Force

2013 Clearinghouse logoTask Force Chair: Mike Goldman

Task Force Goals:
To analyze the Clearinghouse program to determine (i) how to better serve the non-profit community, (ii) how to attract and better deploy volunteer attorneys and (iii) develop different methods for delivering legal advice to non profits

The Pro Bono Clearinghouse has been the GRBF’s most successful program. Over a period of 15 years, the Clearinghouse has provided legal services to non-profits in Central Virginia who serve the poor and underprivileged, while also providing to non-litigators the opportunity to do significant pro bono work, within their area of expertise. However, there are still challenges for the Clearinghouse program. We are not yet reaching all non-profit service providers and we have significantly more volunteers than we have opportunities in any given year.

The Clearinghouse Task Force is focusing on better leveraging our volunteer base to reach more of the non-profit community. In addition to the traditional one on one client relationship, we are planning seminars, clinics and writing opportunities, so we can engage more of our volunteer base.  We are also partnering with other organizations in the non-profit arena, to make sure that non-profits in need of legal services are aware of what we do.

The Clearinghouse Task Force looks forward to the opportunity of strengthening the Clearinghouse program and helping to increase the effectiveness of non-profits in Central Virginia.  If you are interested in these topics, please contact Task Force Chair Mike Goldman at

If you are an attorney and would like to volunteer to assist nonprofit clients with their transactional legal matters, please complete the volunteer form here.

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