Senior Lawyer Task Force

grbf hub 8-27-14Task Force Chair: Brian Marron

Task Force Goals: To assess best use of the Senior bar to address the justice gap

The Greater Richmond Bar Foundation is moving ahead with two initiatives to attract and train senior practitioners in service to the poor. The first effort will work with firms to identify retiring partners who will stay with their firms, with administrative support, and work on Legal Aid referrals.  They will band with other similarly-placed Central Virginia lawyers to form a “law group” of seasoned, specialized practitioners that targets the toughest areas of need. The second effort will attract and equip lawyers to serve as “general counsel” to not-for-profit groups that provide human service assistance to the underprivileged. These legal  advisors will help non-profits with legal service audits, compliance, governance and other preventive and responsive legal needs.  Both programs will be active and functional by Fall 2016.

Interested in participating on the Senior Lawyers Task Force, contact Brian Marron at 

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