Veterans Issues Task Force

VLSVV-LogoTask Force Chair: Mike Klein

Task Force Goals: To analyze critical needs for pro bono legal services for Veterans , to create necessary policies for case placement & volunteer management

Needing another group of talented Virginia lawyers to assist Virginia’s veterans in order to sustain the outstanding and dynamic growth of the Virginia Bar Association’s (the “VBA”) Veterans Issues Task Force, the VBA turned to the  Greater Richmond Bar Foundation (the “GRBF”) to help sustain the the ability of Virginia lawyer’s to help their veterans.  This led to the creation of the Greater Richmond Bar Foundation’s Subcommittee on Veterans Issues (the “SVI”) with a charter  to analyze critical needs for pro bono legal services for Veterans , to create necessary policies for Veterans case placement and volunteer management, and to partner with the VBA and other legal organizations around the Commonwealth to facilitate the same. This is of course a long way to merely state that the mission of the SVI is to help Virginia’s veterans, but what does this mean?

Over the course of its first year of existence, the SVI facilitated the integration of the VBA’s veterans pro bono requests into the GRBF’s JusticeServer database and case placement system, worked with the Commonwealth Attorney General’s office to assist with guiding the Attorney General’s outreach to veterans in all areas of Virginia, and helped establish points of contacts for veterans legal issues throughout the Commonwealth.  In the next year the SVI looks forward to enhancing the development of the veterans portal on the JusticeServer and creating a strong and sustainable network between Virginia’s legal organizations, veterans service organizations, Virginia lawyers, and Virginia’s active, reserve, national guard, and veteran population.

To get involved with the Veterans Issues Task Force, please contact Mike Klein at

To volunteer to assist veterans with their legal matters, please complete the volunteer form here.


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